Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Testing and balancing of new and existing equipment play a vital role in keeping building occupants comfortable and healthy. We utilize our knowledge of specific HVAC equipment and systems to ensure that building demands are being met. We provide full system Air and Hydronic Testing Adjusting and Balancing Services.

Airflow and Hydronic Surveys

If you’re getting ready for a renovation project or want to have the peace of mind that your equipment is functioning properly, we can provide you with airflow or hydronic readings as well as provide a detailed sketch of HVAC system components that aren’t clearly depicted on as-built drawings. 

Fume Hood Testing

Fume hoods play a vital role in keeping laboratory personnel safe from chemicals and compounds. We provide building owners with a Fume Hood Management Program which includes putting your fume hoods on a bi annual or annual inspection program where the following is performed- face velocity tests, inspection of exhaust fans serving each fume hood, and assurance that alarms function properly.

Clean Room Testing

We Provide Air change and pressure relationship testing in operating rooms, isolation rooms, Cath labs, Laboratories, soiled and clean utility rooms, and all other critical room types

Fire and Smoke Damper Testing

Our detailed Inspection program ensures that your dampers cycle and function properly, retaining angles are installed, and all codes are being met. The report provided to you will have a detailed report page for each damper with a picture showing the damper in the open and closed position. You will be kept informed throughout the process with a daily progress report and a detailed list of deficiencies and recommended corrective action.